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  • ✅ The classic monkey swing toy now includes a fun candy surprise inside.
  • ✅ Way more fun and yummy than bananas, this combination of toys and candies makes a great party favor and is sure to entertain for hours!
  • ✅ The perfect addition to your next monkey-themed event, our Monkey Swing filled with candy is too good to miss.
  • ✅ This items measures in at 7.5" tall, contains three colors per box, and has a net weight of .46 oz.
  • ✅ Display box contains 12 Monkey Swing Toys with Candy.
When it comes to snack time, we don't like to monkey around. After all, a chance to have a sweet treat is just too precious to waste! That is, of course, unless the treat is monkey themed. In that case, anything goes! So if you've been looking for a monkey themed snack, then you've come to the right place. Our Monkey Swing filled with candy is exactly what you've been looking for.

Kidsmania Monkey Swing Toys with Candy: 12-Piece Display Box

SKU: 686464607209
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