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The Hyskore 12 Gun Modular Pistol Rack is constructed from semi rigid closed cell foam that resists oil and water. Allows you to protect and organize 12 of your favorite pistols. Perfect for a gun shelf or home safe. 



The spaces for the grip end of the gun are 1.34” wide. This is ample space for any single stack or double stack magazine pistol. From the factory the space for the barrel/slide is .86”. This is fine for many guns. In some cases it makes the fit a little bit too snug. This is easily remedied by using a pair of shears or scissors to snip away either one or both of the inner segments. Each segment is ¼”. In other words if you take away both of them you will be adding ½”. The overall dimensions of the rack are 20.25” long x 7.5" deep x 6” high.



Hyskore 12 Gun Modular Pistol Rack, Black, Non-Reactive Closed Cell Foam

SKU: 053807303126
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