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Treasure Gates Wholesale

Product Development

To submit your brand for a direct partnership with TreasureGates, please email us your product catalog to

  • UPC

  • Product name

  • Wholesale price

  • MAP 

  • MSRP

  • ASINS associated with Amazon (if applicable)

  • Your best offer price

What is the official name of your company?
How long has your company been established?
What is your official website? 
Where are you located? (City, state, zip)

What other commerce platforms are you selling your products on?
How many SKUs are you carrying? 
What is your lead time from when we purchase an item to us receiving it?
How did you find us? Who referred you?

Product Processing



We demand the best in terms of how products are handled at our facilities. All steps of the processing of your product, from the delivery dock to warehouse processing to shipping, you can be rest assured that we treat your product from the consumers' perspective, in other words, visually appealing to the consumer.  By adopting this philosophy our shipments are prepped, packaged and shipped to arrive in excellent condition at the fufillment centers.  If a shipment or listing doesn't appear correctly, any one of our warehouse staff has the ability to "stop" an item from being shipped out until the issue has been addressed and resolved.

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