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What could be better than eating powdered candy from a straw? That's right, nothing! Your mouth will water for Pixy Stix, the fruity candy contained in a straw. Pixy Stix make fantastic treats for birthday parties, carnivals, bar mitzvahs, Halloween trick-or-treating and more. Whether your favorite color is red, purple, orange or blue, there is a favorite for everyone to enjoy. Candy has never been so much fun to eat! Did you know? Originally, Pixy Stix was created as a drink mix. When the inventor realized kids were eating the mix right out of the package, he re-invented the idea, and eventually packaged them in straws. This world-famous candy is still a hit today.


Note: Due to variations in manufacturing and

computer monitor displays, colors may vary. Additionally, some products may have seasonal

wrapper design changes.

Pixy Stix Candy Powder 6" Assorted Color Straws 96 Count Bag

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