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A great way to enjoy everyone's favorite sugary fair food in candy form, Pop Rocks are here for you and your sweet tooth. These are the perfect combination of fun and deliciousness. Once the rocks start popping in your mouth, you'll understand why! And honestly, they may be just a little bit more fun than the real thing! So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Still popping after 30 years, the cool 1970s retro pack from POP ROCKS® will win the hearts of parents who have their own great childhood memories of the super-fun candy. Presented in a vintage style package with the energetic POP ROCKS logo, the Original Cherry, Grape or Cotton Candy Flavors pack lets big kids reminisce and gives them a great option for kids party favors. Includes a themed countertop display that highlights the classic popping candy style.

POP ROCKS Brand Popping Candy (Case of 24)

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