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The U.S. Ballistics Electronic Earmuffs offer a powerfully unique technology known as Active Peak Compression. This technology identifies, and compresses, abrasive sound frequencies, such as those caused by fast moving projectiles that break the sound barrier. In addition to compressing sounds, Active Peak Compression Technology simultaneously maintains the volume of softer sound frequencies, such as conversions, music, and background noise. This means; the user is able to hear themselves at the range! And more importantly, other shooters as well. Not only does the U.S. Ballistics Electronics Earmuffs protect the hearing of the user and allow them to hear other shooters at the range; it offers them the ability to have a more enjoyable experience doing what they love to do!

The U.S. Ballistics Electronic Earmuffs features don't stop there! They also feature a sleek, low-profile, beveled design which allows for better stock clearance on a rifle, and two built-in omni directional microphones that capture sound while eliminating snag points. The recessed audio control features an audible click and red-light power indicator letting you know you’re powered on, simply roll back and forth to adjust the volume to your comfort level. Plug in and get in the zone with your favorite tunes by using the audio input jack. When it's time to replace the two AAA batteries, the external battery door slides up and off for quick access to the battery compartment. The comfortable headband is supported by a wire frame and compacts down to save space in your range bag. Shoot more and protect your hearing with U.S. Ballistics Electronic Earmuffs.


  • Active Peak Compression Technology 
  • Built-in Omni Directional Microphones
  • Red Light Power On/Off Indicator 
  • Comfortable Adjustable Headband
  • Sleek, Low Profile Design
  • Volume Control
  • Audio Input Jack
  • AAA Batteries Included

U.S. Ballistics Electronic Earmuffs (NRR 20dB) Charcoal

SKU: 887217048724
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